About the CAMA Collection



Lead Staff

Rosalyn Cama

Liz Guidone
Marketing Manager




CAMA Inc., a health and wellness Interior Design Studio and Lab, designs interiors that enable all people to live a happier, healthier life indoors. CAMA has long been considered a thought leader in the evidence-based design field, designing each project by testing and applying credible research. Through multiple projects, CAMA struggled to find products on the market that could bring the human dimension into a design space, so in 2015, CAMA formed CAMA Collection, LLC. 

The CAMA Collection, LLC, aims to address pressing issues and fill the gaps needed to fully develop interior environments that support health and wellbeing. Each collection is crafted with hand picked artisans, manufacturers and publishers that share our values and goals.

In 2015, CAMA Collection partnered with IOA Furniture to develop the CAMA Bed Chair, the first in the series of the IOA Healing Touch Collection. 


Manufacturing Partners

IOA Healthcare Furniture
Fabio Delmestri