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CAMA Bed Chair



the cama bed chair


Today, healthcare facilities consider family members as an integral part of the care team, often spending days and nights at the patient's bedside. Family members provide unique and meaningful comfort to the patient; simply having a loved one close enough to hold your hand may be crucial to recovery. Through their evidence-based design methodology, CAMA Inc., an Interior Design Studio and Lab, determined the need of family members (mothers especially) to physically connect with their bed-ridden, hospitalized loved one. Unable to find a product on the market, CAMA formed CAMA Collection, LLC. and partnered with IOA Furniture to develop the CAMA Bed Chair. 

Watch this two-minute video to learn more about the CAMA Bed Chair: 


about the IOA Healing Touch Collection

The IOA Healing Touch Collection strives to harness the healing power of touch while promoting physical contact between patients, loved ones and caregivers. The collection is a collaborative effort between CAMA Collection and IOA Furniture.  The sense of touch develops in the womb and is believed to be the last sense to leave us. Often overlooked, everyday physical affections such as hand holding or cuddling are fundamental to effective communication, the development of loving relationships, and our overall health and wellbeing. While numerous studies confirm many therapeutic benefits associated with touch, Western medicine has been slow to harness its healing powers.

The IOA Healing Touch Collection includes the human dimension into the design of medical spaces, paying mind to the movement to treat the patient, not the disease.